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You may phone Me through TalkSugar. Direct cell phone privileges are reserved for devoted disciples. I do not keep a consistent schedule. If I am not available to speak down to you, you have the option of making an appointment. Do so! The buttons below will allow you to see when I am available and when I'm not.

Financial Domination

1-877-44-SUGAR ext. 25193
1-877-447-8427 ext. 25193


1-877-44-SUGAR ext. 25195
1-877-447-8427 ext. 25195

Foot Fetish

1-877-44-SUGAR ext. 25196
1-877-447-8427 ext. 25196

Forced Feminization

1-877-44-SUGAR ext. 25197
1-877-447-8427 ext. 25197

Phone My Personal Number: This is 100% legitimate & REAL! This is my phone number, that rings directly at my house! You will want this number if:

1. You are a slave in a country & your phone number won't work on TalkSugar 2. You are a dedicated servant of mine & want access to my special number for whatever reasons. 3. You want to skip TalkSugar platform for whatever reason and go directly through me!

Personal Phone Number Cost & Info:

The cost to purchase my personal phone number is $600.00 USD 500 EUR. If you wish to have your phone number hidden from me so I can't see it I don't mind. The $600.00 or 500 price tag is to ensure I don't have broke wannabe's abusing my number.

This does include some talk time at no additional cost. You may use this number to: Leave me messages when I'm not home, set up session times, and see what I'm up to.

There will be restrictions on the use of my number should you become a dedicated addicted slave, you will be required to tribute when phoning me if you're eating up allot of my time regularly on the phone.

My Phone Number is a Dutch phone number, not a 1-800 number or any number that will charge extra fee's outside of your long distance rates.

Message Me To Request My Personal Phone Number.


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