Fascinating Facts About Moi

I wear a size 7.5 heel/boot/espradille/wedge/all shoes.

I have the highest arches you'll ever have the pleasure of seeing - people call My Divine Footsies "Barbie Feet". High-heels just fit Me better.

I have a serious love for shoes in general, but more specifically boots! More specifically than that - leather boots! And yet one more specification of love – Over The Knee Leather Boots. Uhnnnn.....yummy! I love Christian Louboutin, Yves Saint Laurent, Manolo Blahnik, Prada, Giuseppe Zanotti and much more…..

In a contest, I was voted and won "Best Eyebrows Ever" - I do have some seriously perfect eyebrows.

My hypnotic eyes change colors - from brown to blue to grey to violet, depending on mood (and sometimes My attire). It had been said more than once that when I am shopping or receive money, they turn into Diamond Black.

My Birthday is September 22 th.

I am a Renaissance Woman. I have more interests and talents than you have wrinkles on your wittle winky - oh, perhaps that wasn't the best comparison, huh pindick? Hahahaha.

I am a law student during the day and your bitch from hell by night. No, guess what I am the black bitch from hell that you are craving to serve all the time. So, you know I lay down the law and when you become one of my slaves you will be sentenced for life Hahahaha! My favorite perfume is Chanel Mademoiselle and Dior Mon Cherie. They are a tad expensive, but not really. Slaves and tributers who buy bottles of these luscious scents for Me will most decidedly be in My favor.

I'm 5'7" without shoes. I'm a Giantess in heels.

I love to read. I'll devour almost any type of book, but My favorite genres are: Legal novels, Law literature, classic literature. I don't really have a favorite author so you can't wrong when the book has a law background.

As much as I love to read, I love to write. I always adore getting pretty journals to write in. I'm right-handed, but spank and slap with My left.

I have extraordinarily loooooong eyelashes. They are the envy of many Females and the downfall of many boys.

I'm not just turned on by the Euro (although it spends best where I am currently) but also the American Dollar - I also love foreign money and have quite the collection. As you know I can never have enough money!


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