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MoneySlave Koert

This idiot used to serve me years ago. But i quit for a long time but now i am back. And just recently he send me an email talking about a video i made of him that made him feel submissive.  He tied his hand behind his back and went and laid down on his bed. This idiot was living still with his parents at the age of 27. His parents where asking him to make coffee while they where watching tv  but as soon i was online he used to forget everything around him. I just loved his presents he was sending to my po box and money.

This is a video of my former houseslave who used to work for me. After working hard for his mistress me ofcourse he was allowed to…………………… watch the video and you will see for yourself. He cleaned up my bathroom and really made everything very nice. He used to be my house bitch. Buying my groceries with his money ofcourse, fixing everything in my house. I made him work naked and doing things like: hanging up lamps, cleaning my house. That bitch did everything I told him to why I was watching TV on my sofa!

See his video inside my diary


House Bitch A

He was real hard worker, but no cash. And that idiot has still no cash until this day. He begged if he could be my house slave again. What an idiot. I love the smell of cash in my hands of nice big presents or giftcards and he can’t give me that. He is a poor excuse for a loser in every sense of the word hahahahaha.

See his video and picture inside my Diary

Diary and Private Life Blog

I am a very busy woman but from now on my Diary and my Personal diary will be updated frequently so become a member because i know you want read all about my slaves and how i milk those idiots dry……………… hahahahahhaha and last but not least dipp your worthless into my private life! I will start updating my private life blog from tommorrow.  Want to read how I spend you hard earned cash,  how i walk around in designer clothes bought with your blood, sweat and tears. Me living the good life while you wake up in the morning to go to work, so you can  provide for you goddess, your queen, your best friend,  your everything …………………………………….

Financial Crisis

It just wouldn’t be right for Me not to contribute in some small way to this collapsing economy.  Read inside my diary why!

Easter Bunny Video

During Easter a lot of slaves bought my Easter assignment. They wanted nothing more than to celebrate Easter with their Goddess. I just love the Easter holidays and eating Easter eggs. Watch the video inside my diary and check out the pictures that Easter Slut and Slave L made for me while they were playing with their own eggs during Easter! hahahahahaha



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