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I love giftcards from Net a Porter. This is my favorite webshop and Godiva loves designer clothing and you are here to buy them for me!!! So dip into your pocket and get your creditcard out and buy me a virtual giftcard from Net a Porter. A good moneyslave that has been struggling to save up some money so that he could read my private life blog for loser bought a €100 Net a Porter giftcard. Ypi dont have to worry about me seeing your information because I dont. I only receive the giftcard  and send them to


Past week was a very interesting week for GoddessGodiva. A moneyslave for Norway started to chat with me when I immediatly let him know that I have no time to waste. This resulted in 3 Amazon gifctards for a total of $302. And you know what I love I did not even had to ask. A true moneyslave knows that his Goddess time is very valuable and tributes immedialy like he should. So be aware when you contact GoddessGodiva I want receive a tribute if not stay the fuck away!

Here is one of the cards

I finally updated the english version of my website. I have been so busy but from now on I will update all my blogs on a regular basis so make sure to sign up to read all about my private life and to watch my private video’s. I also updated my diary where you can read all about my moneyslaves, bitches, admirers and so much more. Watch them making a fool out of them selves hahahahaha my pigs on display is nothing compared to what you see inside my diary!

Stories in my Private life blog

Video of me showing how my pink Herve Leger dress fits that I bought with giftcards I received from an admirer that i have for over three years.

Video of me Too hot handle

Hot Summerday in Amsterdam

Black Herve Leger Dress

Showing my Charlotte Olympia wedges that I bought with giftcards from a money slave that fell into my trap and is still donating

Check out my video where i am showing the gold Giuseppe Zannoti heels my admirer bought me (the same admirer who also bought me Herve Leger Dresses and Giambatista Valli heels )

Showing my Giambattista Valli heels i received from the admirer that also bought me the 2 Herve Leger dresses

Fresh out of the shower

Having an relaxed saturday

Stories in my Diary

Pantyhose Boy

Selfmade leather chastity Belt

Slave puts spoon and knife in pee hole

Watch my video where I am wearing panthyhose




GoddessGodiva is a Strict MoneyGoddess, with no patience for bull shit, or your pathetic stories. And not naive or born yesterday so I believe little of what you tell me.  Not interested in meeting you in real life unless its to contribute a substantial amount of cold hard cash or taking me out shopping to the finer DESIGNER BOUTIQUES! Not interested in chat’s where you surprise me with your artistic cam abilities. In other words if I want to see more of you I’ll ask for it. Totally not interested in looking at your dick UNLESS ITS FOR HUMILIATION PURPOSES.  If you want to get my attention you are most welcome to donate and convince me you are what’s missing in GoddessGodiva’s life. Just don’t be to disappointed if you don’t get a reply since money / gifts are the only things that what captures my attention. I am not wasting my time on nitwits, wanna be’s and other boring subs.

Getting my attention check out my wishlist page:

Virtual Giftcards from Net a Porter send them to  you can send dollar and euro giftcards. This is my favorite and my nr 1 I like shopping here!

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