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The winter is coming and as a real fashion girl I need to update my wardrobe with the lastest fashion that you will buy for me or at least contribute to. My birthday is coming up and ofcourse I have a llong wishlist that I will post tommorow! Ofcourse I also enjoy cold hard cash I get eroused when I open the envolops full of money. I can’t get enough of that feeling! So be a good boy and spoil your mistress just like should!

GoddessGodiva will start posting again

Become a member of my diary and private life blog tommorow I will add new stories. I know you have been complaining because I have not posted new stories, But you bitches don’t donate enough. You can always schedule a chat with your goddess. You have to donate first visit my chat page! We can chat on skype! Don’t try to add me before  you donate because you will get blocked immediatly loser. My time is very valuable and I don’t have time for wankers, losers or fakers. Donate and you will get my attention!!!


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