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It is going to be sale soon at my favorite webshop and they will have a 50% discount whick I love so much. I love getting things for free but endulge myself with new clothing, shoes and jewellry ofcourse paid for with your money make me happy. Ofcourse I have a new wishlist because I love hoes, high heels, nice boots and ofcourse a warm wintercoat that keeps me warm while shopping and spending your hard eraned money. I love spending money for which I did not have to work ……………..mmmmmmmmmmmm it gets me eroused already. I also loee lingerie and especially from Agent provocateur and La Perla sorry guys no cheap and ugly Victoria Secrets Lingerie for me I only deserve the best and finer things in live.  I love getting virtual giftcards especially from netaporter my favorite luxurious webshop . Buy me a giftcard and send it to You can always send cash to my PO Box find the address on my website  Euro and dollar giftcards are welcome!

Christmas Wishlist

Isabel Marant Sneakers

My favorite sneakers €395 are soon being sold on my favorite webshop so contribute by donating to paypal account also Last year one of my admirers bought me a pair for Chrismas who will buy me a new pair now. Maybe you are the lucky one! orcourse you will receive a video of me wearing them. I don’t have any chrismas gifts under my tree yet so her is your change to spoil your  Ebony Goddess.




As you know I love Christian Louboutin. I have quite a collection and I have a few more Christian Louboutin items on my wishlist. Ofcourse some beautifull and supersexy killer heels ofcourse. If you make me happy I will make you happy just by being happy thats your purpose in life from now on: “Making your ebony goddess happy”! You can always buy me a pair of heels online and send them to my PO Box but aks for my wishes first. or you can just send me cold hard cash which I put on my prepaid creditcard…….. Ofcourse all of you lsoers are not ably to donate such big amounts but at least you can contribute to a new pair and do something right for once in your life or at least make an effort. Maybe you have a wife or girlfriend at home let get things straight I don’t care about that I do really only care about myself………………………….and ofcourse I deserve it much more than your wife or girlfriend. Don’forget to read the page; “more ways to save for Godiva”

My Louboutin wishlist 2 pair of heels, 1 handbag and 1 pair of sneakers






Who suprises me with these beautifull pair of sneakers



A beautifull woman deserves a nice pair of heels and handbag!

Oscar de la renta earrings










I love these Valentino handbags for this coming summer so suprise me because I deserve it………….


















I want to add this new Chanel handbag to my collection of Chanel handbags. I know I have expensive taste but I deserve the best!

Emilio Pucci leather pants













Nice dress and bathrobe from netaporter










Yves Saint Laurent handbag

Nice white Woolrich wintercoat €679

















Coming soon €925 met 50% discount so for €467,50 at I love shopping the sale on my favorite webshop. In the US sale is already going on. So US dollar giftcards are also welcome. 













Orgasm Denial and watch my new video………

Consistent and large  tributes, complete devotion, unfailing obedience and a thorough consideration of all of My desires.  That’s a pretty perfect slave, don’t you think?  And, sure, I believe you should reward your good slaves every so often….

So  loser got to sit in a tub of freezing ice water and ice cubes for about an hour (with eternal chastity device still in place), while he listened to Me orgasm… wave after another.  The first scream was intoxicating, the whimpering was gourmet and the begging that ensued was heavenly – but it was the panic at about 37 minutes that got Me off.  Sheer panic.  But he would not move unless I gave him permission to do so.  That little boy’s mind is MINE.  Yummy…

Are you willing to fullfill al my desires buy me a virtual giftcard from netaporter my favorite webshop  I wont see your details if you are worried about that.


Watch my new video on youtube


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