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Dearest Goddess,
I adore you.  I am wearing your fragrant panties 24/7 and steeping my privates in your essence.  All I can think about is drinking your spit in front of you and wearing your soiled nylons.  Let me know when and how you would like to stage this.  I could watch you spitting in the bottle on Skype, then connect with you again when your present comes and then, oh boy! I would pay you extra for more of your divine spit.
I am in love with your smells and crave to submit to you in all ways that please you.  If we have a bad Skype connection, I will call you back.  I want to be able to hear your musical voice.
I have to budget our times together, but I plan to donate a large amount each month.   I am also spending some money obtaining feminization herbs and a Noogleberry.
Your excited slave,

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