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On my new website I will have some new features such as Live Cam . From now on you will be able to view me live on my cam while I am in my own house while I am doing nails, watching tv or show you my high heels collection.  You also have the chance to chat me with me while on Live Cam and you will be able to hear my voice. I taped a short video in Dutch which you can watch. I will tape one in English one of days. I will post the dates and times when you will be able to view me live on cam and ofcourse I will make you tribute or buy me a giftcard  from net a porter and send it to or click on the worship buttons.

You have seen my latest pair of Louboutins. Well I have a new pair on my wishlist and you buy them for me now by donation via paypal and by clicking on the worship buttons or buy me a netaporter digital giftcard

and have it send to


This is my chastity slave and dildo slut. He loves shoving up big dildo’s up his arse and I love to make him do it. W have our daily sessions early in the morningI choose the dildo and the leather chastity belt and he fills his as with it. I have quite the collection of pics and vids. Book your own skype session!


Financial Domination

Book you Skype Chat session with Goddess Godiva

skype =  goddessgodiva

Chats with cam without sound 

15 minuts  30 euro with cam without sound

30 minuts  45  euro with cam without sound

60 minuts  75 euro with cam without sound


Chats with cam and sound

15 minuts  60 euro with cam and sound

30 minuts 90  euro with cam and sound

60 minuts  150 euro with cam and sound


Chats with cam and sound and special request

5 minuten 25 euro with cam and sound

10 minuten 50 euro with cam and sound

15 minuten  75 euro with cam and sound

30 minuten  150 euro  with cam and sound

60 minuten  300 euro with cam and sound


Special request examples


* showing you my perfect manicured feet

* I make you shove a big dildo op your arse like my leather slave

* 50 Euro extra for wearing a leather skirt or pants

* 100 Euro extra for a complete outfit

Van: Ia………. <>
Verzonden: woensdag 23 november 2016 12:47:59
Aan: Goddess Godiva
Onderwerp: Re: envelop

Dear Goddess,

Thank you for your delectable spit and wonderful stained panties!  I have moistened the spot in them with your spit, rubbed it over my lips and nose, licked and sucked it.  I have also worshipped you with my little clitty, and submissively drunk every precious drop remaining of your divine spit!
I tried donating to you via your worship page, but I am just a stupid slave and couldn’t complete the transaction.  i was trying to donate $50 for your worn stockings.  Please direct me.  I want to serve you.
Yours submissively,
vr 25-11-2016 20:39

Goddess Godiva (


 Dearest Goddess,
I adore you.  I am wearing your fragrant panties 24/7 and steeping my privates in your essence.  All I can think about is drinking your spit in front of you and wearing your soiled nylons.  Let me know when and how you would like to stage this.  I could watch you spitting in the bottle on Skype, then connect with you again when your present comes and then, oh boy! I would pay you extra for more of your divine spit.
I am in love with your smells and crave to submit to you in all ways that please you.  If we have a bad Skype connection, I will call you back.  I want to be able to hear your musical voice.
I have to budget our times together, but I plan to donate a large amount each month.   I am also spending some money obtaining feminization herbs and a Noogleberry.
Your excited slave,

My new Money Slave from Russia

Since, this month I have a new money slave from Russia he filled in my Slave application as a good little boy! This shows how powerful I truly am. Checkout all the pictures in my diary of my Russian Slave. This loser only makes 10.000 euro a month he actually can’t even afford me. hahahahahaha



An unexpected wonderfull sunday my money slave Joeri from Belgium who has been donating for over 5 years. Read the full story and look at the paypal screenshots how I maxed the out  the creditcard from my Belgian admirer who gave me his creditcard details and cvv code. Become a member NOW  and read my daily diary updates

New pair of Louboutin heels from my admirer H

I love high heels and especially if I don’t need to pay for them but my admirers!  They love buying me expensive gifts and I love receiving them.




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