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This is my chastity slave and dildo slut. He loves shoving up big dildo’s up his arse and I love to make him do it. W have our daily sessions early in the morningI choose the dildo and the leather chastity belt and he fills his as with it. I have quite the collection of pics and vids. Book your own skype session!


Dreamlover2000 Chastity SissyM Video

I received many responses on my posting about the Dreamlover2000 chastity belt on my Dutch humilation blog and Collarme Profile. Saying it was a fake and they dont believe that it actually works. And asking me to make a  video of it. Well i can tell it works and i love every second of it. Yesterday my sissy bitch popped up again and ofcourse wearing her dreamlover2000. I would not be GoddessGodiva if i did not take advantage of this and made a few videos.

Full version video available in my diary on my website!

Dreamlover2000 SissyM Preview Video




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