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Important Update to Adult Content Policy on Blogger

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Ebony Goddess Godiva is seeking new moneyslaves and admirers because I never have enough. I am seeking new slaves worldwide ready to submit to this Black Bitch that will drain your wallet dry hahahahaha just like I should!  Are you as sissy bitch, moneyslave, or just want to be humiliated like the pig that you are you came to the right Goddess! Become a member of my diary to read all aout my moneyslaves or my private life blog if you want to read more about my personal life!

Ebony Göttin Godiva sucht neue moneyslaves und Bewunderer Weil ich nie genug haben. Ich suche neue Sklaven weltweit bereit auf diese schwarze Hündin thatwill einreichen drain Ihre Brieftasche trocken hahahahaha ich möchte nur schultern! Sind Sie als Sissy Hündin, Zahlsklave, oder wollen einfach nur wie das Schwein, du bist du an der richtigen Göttin gedemütigt zu werden! Werden Sie Mitglied in mein Tagebuch zu lesen aout moneyslaves meinem privaten Leben oder meinen Blog, wenn Sie mehr über mein Privatleben lesen wollen!

Ebano dea Godiva è alla ricerca di nuovi moneyslaves e ammiratori Perché non ho mai abbastanza. Sto cercando nuovi schiavi in tutto il mondo pronti a presentare a questo Cagna Nera thatwill svuotare il portafogli hahahahaha secca solo che mi piace in spalla! Sei come cagna femminuccia, soldi schiavo, o semplicemente si vuole essere umiliato come il maiale che si è si è venuto a la Dea giusta! Diventa un membro del mio diario per leggere tutto aout moneyslaves mia vita privata o il mio blog, se volete saperne di più sulla mia vita personale!

Ebony Goddess Godiva est à la recherche de nouveaux moneyslaves et admirateurs Parce que je n’ai jamais assez. Je suis à la recherche de nouveaux esclaves dans le monde entier prêt à se soumettre à cette thatwill Bitch Noir vider votre hahahahaha sec portefeuille J’aime juste assumer! Êtes-vous aussi salope sissy, esclave de l’argent, ou tout simplement pour être humilié comme le cochon qui vous êtes-vous venu au bon Goddess! Devenir un membre de mon journal pour lire tous aout moneyslaves ma vie privée ou mon blog si vous voulez en savoir plus sur ma vie personnelle!

Ebony Goddess Godiva está buscando nuevas moneyslaves y admiradores Porque nunca tengo suficiente. Busco nuevos esclavos en todo el mundo dispuestos a someterse a esta thatwill Perra Negro vaciar su cartera seca hahahahaha me gusta asumir! ¿Es usted tan puta marica, esclavo del dinero, o simplemente quiere ser humillado como el cerdo que usted es usted vino a la diosa razón! Hágase miembro de mi diario para leer todo aout moneyslaves mi vida privada oa mi blog, si quieres leer más sobre mi vida personal!

My new High Heels video

Visit my website and become a memmber of my private life blog where you can read all about me and my Diary where you can read everything about the bitches, moneyslaves and admirers thatI own!

GoddessGodiva is a Strict MoneyGoddess, with no patience for bull shit, or your pathetic stories. And not naive or born yesterday so I believe little of what you tell me. Not interested in meeting you in real life unless its to contribute a substantial amount of cold hard cash or taking me out shopping to the finer DESIGNER BOUTIQUES! Not interested in chat’s where you surprise me with your artistic cam abilities. In other words if I want to see more of you I’ll ask for it. Totally not interested in looking at your dick UNLESS ITS FOR HUMILIATION PURPOSES. If you want to get my attention you are most welcome to donate and convince me you are what’s missing in GoddessGodiva’s life. Just don’t be to disappointed if you don’t get a reply since money / gifts are the only things that what captures my attention. I am not wasting my time on nitwits, wanna be’s and other boring subs.

Getting my attention check out my wishlist page:

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Watch the video of my bitch with a buttplug up in his ass. He is such a slut and loves to be watched while he playing with himself. This bitch wants to be owned by me! Are you my next bitch? Do you want to be laughed at while other losers of mine are watching you! Send you video’s and maybe you wil be next bitch that in the spotlight on free blog for losers!


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Past week was a very interesting week for GoddessGodiva. A moneyslave for Norway started to chat with me when I immediatly let him know that I have no time to waste. This resulted in 3 Amazon gifctards for a total of $302. And you know what I love I did not even had to ask. A true moneyslave knows that his Goddess time is very valuable and tributes immedialy like he should. So be aware when you contact GoddessGodiva I want receive a tribute if not stay the fuck away!

Here is one of the cards

Dreamlover2000 Video


            My New Website is online            

Before bothering the shit out of me lets get one thing straight JACKASS. Even if i am online don’t press the fucking chat button unless you purchased my fucking chat IDs and i have received a paypal notification of your fucking payment BITCH! I will not fucking respond my time is fucking valuable yours not got IT dickhead! AFTER YOUR PURCHASE SEND ME AN EMAIL AND UPON RECEIVEMENT I will come online on MSN or Skype! 

Full version video available in my diary on my new website


I received many responses on my posting about the Dreamlover2000 chastity belt on my Dutch humilation blog and Collarme Profile. Saying it was a fake and they dont believe that it actually works. And asking me to make a  video of it. Well i can tell it works and i love every second of it. Yesterday my sissy bitch popped up again and ofcourse wearing her dreamlover2000. I would not be GoddessGodiva if i did not take advantage of this and made a few videos. I will post the video on my new website that will be launched this week. But now you can see a picture of the screenshot i took during our midnight rendezvous hahahahahahahha


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