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I have many slave requesting to be on my Pigs on Display page. So, I decided to fullfill your dreams send me an email at and we will discuss all the details!


You’ve been checking back everyday haven’t you? Waiting for My next installment of debauchery, wondering……

What is that Perfect Specimen of a Dominant Beauty doing right now?

She’d doing exactly what She set out to do … Demand. Obtain. Conquer!

Slaves around the world. Addicts begging for more. Boys doing WHATEVER I WANT, simply to amuse Me!

Let’s see…………

Loser —- called Me literally crying, BEGGING to release him from chastity!!! Hahahahaha! He thinks he’s going to try to BUY his way out of it cause he’s got the BIG BUCKS. Oh no no NO…………not in this lifetime! I told you that you’re locked in it for eternity!!! You little chronic mastrubating monkey – you better thank Me with another $1500 right now that I don’t have YOUR ASS PLUGGED TOO!! With one of those HUUUUUUUUUUUGE pink ones I showed you. OUCH!!!!!! I’ll make you wear it to work too – you KNOW that I will. Except I’ll make sure you tie little jingle bells to the CB…………So SHUT UP and deal with it.

Slut —- All I have to say is EEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! You further disgust Me every minute you breathe. When I finally get your chubby chickenshit hamhocks on cam, I WILL show the ENTIRE world what a rejected, NASTY manboobied freak you really are!! And no amount of money that you send will ever make Me like you! Send another $1000 now- I’m already vomitous with the thought of you in My mind!

Doggie — How’d that Virgin Mary feel????? HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

12 cm dick – So, do tell – Is MY picture under your mattress yet? We’re not a match, yet you can’t seem to stay way, can you? Mmmmmmmmm………delicious!

Sissy Bitch  – No snot or yucky flu crap on My watch! Get better NOW! And stop paying all those other hussies……I want it ALL!

old pevert  —- whinny for Me. Now.

Pinky  —- As I mentioned – I spent your little tribute that showed up in My PO Box before I EVEN got home. Send MORE. Write MORE. Take a pic of the panties and the lipstick and put it on your blog. I’ll get to you soon enough.

Brandon23 – find that S.S. Minnow dress yet? If not, you’re hiring a seamstress to make it.

The things you freaks do to amuse Me: (Oh, and it’s “RINSING” socksucker……..)



Watch the video of my bitch with a buttplug up in his ass. He is such a slut and loves to be watched while he playing with himself. This bitch wants to be owned by me! Are you my next bitch? Do you want to be laughed at while other losers of mine are watching you! Send you video’s and maybe you wil be next bitch that in the spotlight on free blog for losers!




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