NHS&M: Bondage-loving doctor sent pics of manhood in ‘torture device’ to dominatrix while at work in hospital

EXCLUSIVE: DR Leendert Verstraten, 55, was turned in by his ‘horrified’ online mistress


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‘Mistress’ Linda Jones said: ‘The hygiene implications are beyond my imagination’



A SURGEON has been suspended from two NHS hospitals after emailing pictures of himself wearing a bizarre S&M “torture” device in an annexe to an operating theatre.

Dr Leendert Verstraten, 55, sent snaps to an online dominatrix showing his manhood padlocked inside the plastic contraption.

In one message he included three pictures of himself in surgical garb and wrote: “At work operating today.

“Hope my scrubs don’t fall down!!”

With another photo — where the eye-watering plastic device and padlock is visible through his scrubs — he joked: “Lock a bit obvious in theatre?”




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Pictures taken outside one of the two hospitals also show him lifting his shirt to reveal a message scrawled in marker pen on his chest, reading: “This useless bitch of a slave is owned by mistress L.”

Dr Verstraten, who shortens his name to Leo, has now been suspended from Aintree University Hospital in Liverpool, where he performs knee and hip operations.

He has also been suspended as a locum at Noble’s Hospital on the Isle of Man while bosses at both venues investigate his behaviour.

Last night the online dominatrix who received his photos told how she blew the whistle when she realised the surgeon had sent her photos from inside a hospital.




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Linda Jones, 40, who earns extra cash in her virtual 24-hour-a-day role as Mistress LJ, said: “People tell me that they work in all sorts of places or positions and you just take it with a pinch of salt.

“But when he started sending me pictures of himself at work in his scrubs I was horrified.

“One minute he told me he was pleasuring himself and couldn’t stop thinking about torturing his willy — the next he was going into an operating theatre and performing life-or-death surgery.

“It made me sick.

“I’ve seen and heard a lot of disgusting things, but that was just too far.




Dominatrix Linda Jones blew the whistle herself after being shocked the doc was messaging her from work
Dominatrix Linda Jones blew the whistle herself after being shocked the doc was messaging her from work News Group Newspapers Ltd




“The hygiene implications are beyond my imagination.

“It could be anyone’s unsuspecting relative or friend that he’s treating and then getting his jollies off with me.

“Sometimes he messaged to say he’d been in surgery six hours and not stopped thinking of me the entire time.

“As soon as he got out of surgery he’d whip his manhood out and send me a snap.

“What kind of person does that?

“It’s not right he’s allowed to be in a life-or-death situation while daydreaming about some of the most twisted sexual fantasies.

“He’s treated hundreds of people since getting in touch with me and they’ll be horrified to find out what he’s been up to. I’ve told him to stop messaging me.”

Married mum-of-one Linda, of Blackburn, claims respected Dr Verstraten has paid more than £2,000 for her services since “meeting” her via a fetish dating website last year.

She has never actually met any of her clients, including the £100,000-a-year plus NHS orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in conditions affecting bones, joints and ligaments.




Dr Verstraten was arrested in 2003 for allegedly being drunk while performing hip surgery








The Liverpool hospital where he worked said it was investigating the latest claims News Group Newspapers Ltd




Shocking selfies show the eminent medic’s manhood clamped in transparent casing wedged shut by a padlock inscribed “master”.

Explicit pictures apparently taken by him while on duty showed a dog-tag hanging from his scrotum etched with the words “Mistress LJ’s Bitch”.

In January this year he sent three pictures of his clamped genitalia while at hospital in his scrubs.

The email was titled: “At work today.”

In photos taken outside Noble’s Hospital on the Isle of Man, he lifted his shirt to reveal the marker pen message.

Other snaps he sent include him wearing just a thong and stockings with his hospital pass dangling from his neck.

The surgeon also sent his mistress naked photos of himself in the doctors’ changing room.

Dr Verstraten previously hit trouble in 2003 when he was suspended for allegedly being under the influence of alcohol while performing hip surgery.

He was escorted from theatre at Leighton Hospital, Cheshire, when colleagues noticed he had apparently been drinking.




One of the pics sent showed a dog-tag hanging from his scrotum etched with the words  'Mistress LJ's Bitch'
One of the pics sent showed a dog-tag hanging from his scrotum etched with the words ‘Mistress LJ’s Bitch’



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Last night an Aintree Hospital spokesman said: “We take these claims very seriously and will investigate and take appropriate action.”

A spokesman for the Isle of Man’s Dept of Health and Social Care said “The hospital takes any complaint of potential misconduct very seriously and investigates such matters in accordance with its procedures.”

Dr Verstraten said last night: “I have taken some images of myself on work premises, whilst alone, which I am naturally very embarrassed about.

“They were meant to be private and jocular.

“I sent them to one person expecting them to remain private.

“I accept it was foolish to take such images in a locker room at work.

“I’m human, I make mistakes and taking these pictures was wrong even though I consider them to be private.

“I did not and would not ever do anything to compromise a patient or other colleagues at work.

“I apologise to anybody offended by this, most of all my family and colleagues.

“I’m proud of my work over the years and I’d now like to get on with the job of helping my patients.”